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Character Profiles

When we are writing a bespoke script for you or when your guests are doing some of the acting we will ask you for a character profile. This is so we can choose or create a character that suits them, and often it will add significantly to the comedy of a show when people have the right role. The Littleton Affair is one example of such as show. We also offer witness statements in all of our show where we create one page of evidence to be read out on the night.

The information that we receive makes a big impact on the quality of this. Useful details include:

  • Hobbies (the more unusual the better)
  • Languages and places
  • Pets
  • Dress style (good and bad)
  • Funny phrases that they use a lot
  • Past incidents that everyone is likely to remember

Some idea of physical attributes can also help. We only need a few good pieces of information to make this work. Imagine what might be funny for everyone and let us know.

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