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We all agree that fund raising should be fun as well as bringing in the funds.  Budget is, of course, an issue as well.

For something a bit different that really is great fun, appeals to all ages and to people with all sorts of different interests and backgrounds. Our new Clue D'Oh event is perfect for an evening of entertainment.

We can provide an actor for an evening (and two hours before the event for rehearsals), complete with costumes and props. They will train a cast of between 5 and 10 people to deliver a Murder Mystery that evening!

This costs between £350 and £500 depending on the location so it is a cost effective solution. These events can be incredible fun, particularly if the right characters are chosen and any mistakes just add to the fun.

The mistakes and impromptu moments are always the inevitable highlight of the night.

We send out character profiles and suggestions for costumes in advance.  Then during that day our actors will run the cast through the plot and give them a few tips.

There are not huge reams of lines to be learned because this is interactive theatre. Members of the chosen cast need to be outgoing and able to think on their feet.

The success of this format speaks for itself as many cast members join local acting troupes having enjoyed their experience so much.

Murder mystery events provide wonderful photo-opportunities and even amateur snaps, they can be invaluable in introducing a little light relief for newsletters and other promotional literature.

We have various scripts to suit your occasion.

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