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Public Shared Events

The cost varies depending on the venue, however, our public shared events typically cost around £40 or £50 per person to include a three course dinner and the Murder Mystery. You can book for two people or in tables of 10, please contact us for availability in each case,

Private & Corporate Events

We charge £1,175 plus VAT for a five actor corporate Murder Mystery in London or the South East. We also have excellent two and three actor shows which cost £675 and £775 plus VAT respectively and suit small groups. We recommend that if you have more than 30 people you have four or more actors and more than 50 people you go for the full five actor show.


These prices are for events in London, the South East and Birmingham. We have actors based around the country so we can usually cover such locations as Manchester and Edinburgh without adding to the cost but please do call to check. We will be able to let you know very quickly.

You Do The Acting

This can be a very cost effective option. We provide a detective who runs the evening and you provide the actors. We can work with between 5 and 28 'actors' and not every guest needs to have a part, so you might have 50 or even 100 guests. Take a look at The Littleton Affair. The cost starts at £450 depending on numbers and location. Call us for a quote.

Murder Mysteries for 200, 300, 400 or even 500 people

We have a 'Virtual World' event format for groups of up to 500 and we can bring in teams of 10 or more actors to create a different world in which a crime occurs and teams go off to meet and interview all of the people who live there. This is usually a half day or evening event around buffet style food or just a serving of refreshments. However, it's flexible so call us to see how it can work for you. This format costs £2,000 plus VAT for up to 200 and then an extra £20 plus VAT per person. It is a very exciting and engaging event.

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