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Murder Mystery at The Cumberland Hotel, Bournemouth

We were at The Cumberland Hotel in Bournemouth on Friday 7th September with a Sherlock Holmes version of our Blue Majesty script. We will be returning in 2019 with a Poirot themed mystery.

The event starts at 7.30 p.m. with pre-dinner drinks and then the three course meal and Murder Mystery. Dress up for a traditional English house party.

Legendary detective Sherlock Holmes has been invited to Bournemouth by an old friend who has come into some good fortune in the form of a priceless blue diamond which has been discovered in Botswana. While he is in town a body is discovered in a nearby river and his friend mysteriously goes missing. Can Holmes crack the case before the arrival of Inspector Lestrade? And what of rumours that his old nemesis Moriarty is in the area?

Join us to solve the case at The Cumberland Hotel, a fascinating Art Deco building in its own right.

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Murder Mystery
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