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Joiner Parties - What to expect

Our joiner parties are for individuals, couples and small groups. The room is laid for tables of 10 so you may be sharing with other people. The atmosphere is always fun and the nature of the event makes it the perfect ice breaker.

We meet for pre-dinner drinks half an hour before dinner begins. This is where you will meet the actors for the first time, so it is important to be on time or you may miss the opening scene.

A detective arrives to take control of the investigation and everyone goes to their tables for the meal. The actors do not eat with you (that would be strange in a murder investigation!)

Before the first course is served the detectives comes with the first set of clues. This include bank statements, newspaper clippings and letters. You start to piece together the evidence. The suspects (actors) then come into the room and move around the tables. You question them, and you can also listen as others on your table ask them questions.

Some people like to ask questions and be part of the show. Others prefer to watch and listen. This is important, and no-one is ever made to do anything that would make them uncomfortable.

When the main course arrives the actors leave so you can enjoy your meal.

The case builds

As the hotel staff clear away the main course the detective returns with new clues. Some will build on your theory, but you may learn things that mean that you have to rethink the case. Beware of red herrings!

The actors return for another round of questioning which lasts over the pudding course. Now it is time to solve the case. Before coffee you need to give the detective your verdict; Method (how), Motive (why) and murderer (who). The detective will share the best of these with the room, before solving the case in a thrilling finale. Anyone who managed to crack the case is awarded a prize.

This is a fun evening and you are encouraged to dress up. We will let you know the theme in advance. Sometimes the setting is modern day but we may go back to the 1920s or 1940s.

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Twin Oaks Lodge, Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8LS


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