Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

Murder Mysteries in London and Throughout the UK

Murder Mystery events are available for for private and corporate clients. For more than 20 years we have been getting away with murder at some of the most prestigious murder mystery hotels in London and across the UK. We organise your whole murder mystery event from beginning to end. We take care of the venue, the catering, the script and the actors.

Our events can take place on just a single evening, following on from a company meeting. Alternatively you might want to use a murder mystery weekend to help build relationships through social team bonding.

Your company might be looking for that special murder mystery party for Halloween or we have a corporate Christmas murder mystery night and themed ideas to accompany your traditional festivities.

We have a variety of scripts and events can be specifically tailored to your company and customised to suit all occasions. Parts can be written for your guests based on their interests which adds fun and a sense of personalisation to your murder mystery.

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