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Events in London and Throughout the UK

We provide entertaining Murder Mystery events to corporate clients at a venue they have already chosen or we can recommend venues in convenient locations based on past experience.

Many of our events are in London. However, we travel around the UK and occasionally into other countries. Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds are regular locations.

We have more than 20 years of experience and have worked for some of the world's largest companies as well as local businesses.

For our public events, which individuals, couples and small parties can join, click here.

Our Murder Mysteries are very flexible. They typically last for two to three hours and can be over lunch or dinner. We also have an afternoon format which does not require a meal.

We have a two actor event for smaller groups. Our typical format involves five actors and we can accommodate large groups of several hundred with a larger cast and sound production.

If you're looking for that special murder mystery party for Halloween we can help or we have a Christmas script which makes an interesting party idea.

We have a variety of scripts and they can be specifically tailored to your company and to suit all occasions. Parts can be written for your guests based on their interests which adds fun and makes your murder mystery personal.


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