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Team Building at Syon Park

A murder has taken place at Syon Park and your group, divided into teams of 5, must attempt to solve it by collecting clues, meeting and questioning suspects and reaching a conclusion in three areas; Method, Motive and Murderer.

Your group meets the cast over afternoon tea. A film producer, his wife who is also an actress, a young ambitious actress, a financier and a script writer. The occasion is the launch of an exciting new film; Little House Of Horrors.

The film producer is murdered in front of the group. The four suspects disappear. Luckily DI Willy Catchem of Scotland Yard is in the area and steps in to take charge, asking your group to assist him in solving the crime.

Teams head out into the extensive grounds of Syon Park, following clues to locate the suspects. When they find them they will pick up clues which include bank statements, newspaper clippings and love letters. Naturally each suspect will want teams to think that one of the others is guilty.

Photographs also need to be taken, and each team is equipped with a digital camera. They return to the hotel with everything that they have collected and put together a case.

Before dinner the teams will meet and present their findings. DI Catchem will then reveal the results of his team’s investigation and the murderer will be arrested. However, there is one final surprise in store …

The winning teams will each receive a good quality metal police badge as a reward. This gives special powers of interrogation and arrest.


15:00         Afternoon tea and opening scene

15:30        Teams head off to find suspects

17.30        Teams return to the hotel with their findings


19:00        Pre dinner drinks and final reveal

19:30        Event ends – dinner

These timings are a suggestion and are completely flexible to suit your itinerary. This event is a natural team building experience, as teams work together to solve the crime.

Twin Oaks Lodge, Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 8LS


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