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Strawberry Hill House

Twickenham Murder Mystery

The Reading of The Will script set in the 1920s at the astonishing Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham in April was a truly magical experience. This is an amazing gothic setting. The house was built by Horace Walpole in 1749 and it is a true masterpiece. The rooms inside are quite unique as some of the photos below show.

We used the perfect setting of the Waldegrave Suite and suspects will be placed around the other rooms, giving you a chance to explore this wonderful gothic building.

The cost is £65 per person to include a glass of fizz on arrival, a three course meal and the Murder Mystery. Menus will be available shortly and vegetarian and special options will be available.

This is a one off opportunity to explore what must be one of the most interesting buildings in the country. We are very excited about our event there, do join us!

Strawberry Hill House Strawberry Hill House inside Strawberry Hill House rooms Strawberry Hill House library Strawberry Hill Waldegrave Room

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