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Murder Mystery at Warbrook House

We are at Warbrook House in Hook, North Hampshire, twice a month throughout 2017. This lovely venue is in North Hampshire not far from the Berkshire border, so it is in easy reach of Reading and Slough as well as Basingstoke. Conveniently placed between the M3 and M4 the hotel has an excellent offer so you can stay overnight and enjoy breakfast the next morning, meaning that guests from London and further afield can make the most of the experience.

A selection of plots and themes

Each night offers a different script with a variety of themes and plenty of different murder scenarios, so you can come back again and again and enjoy the variety. We have even written a bespoke series for the hotel called The Warbrook Mysteries which start in 1745 and go through various eras up to the current day, with ancestors of the original owners appearing in all.

Friday 8th September - The Vicar's Tea Party

Friday 29th September - Murder at the Ballot Box 

Friday 13th October - The Warbrook Mysteries Part 4 (1970s)

Friday 27th October - The Mummy Awakes! Halloween Murder Mystery

Friday 10th November - Murder at the Casino

Saturday 25th November - A Christmas Carol (Victorian Christmas) FULL

Saturday 23rd December - Who Killed Father Christmas?

2018 Murder Mystery events

Friday 26th January - The Reading of The Will

Friday 23rd February - A Date With Death

Friday 23rd March - A Meeting of Spies - James Bond 007

Friday 6th April - Who Killed The Easter Bunny?

Friday 27th April - The Warbrook Mysteries Part 1

Friday 11th May - Clue D'Oh!

Friday 15th June - The Warbrook Mysteries Part 2

Friday 13th July - Unlucky For Some!

Friday 17th August - The Warbrook Mysteries Part 3

Friday 28th September - Little House of Horrors

Friday 27th October - The Seance

Friday 30th November - The Warbrook Mysteries Part 4

Friday 14th December - A Christmas Carol (Victorian Christmas)

Saturday 22nd December - Who Killed Father Christmas?

"We had a very enjoyable experience with the murder mystery and the hotel superseded expectations".
Warbrook House Murder Mystery review, Tripadvisor.

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