The Warbrook Mysteries

The Warbrook Mysteries is a series of four mysteries set in 1745, 1840, 1922 and 1976. They were written for our regular venue Warbrook House, and chart the fortunes of the house through the ages. We researched the history of the house, which was owned by a family who made their money in the printing industry in the 1700s and had passed on to a politician by 1840.

The characters are not based on real characters, as a murder mystery cast tends to contain a fair number of rogues and we did not want to offend any ancestors!

One of the challenges was that the police force was in its very infancy in 1840 and it did not exist in 1745, so in the first mystery a solider leads the investigation, on the specific instructions of The King himself. War with European neighbours and the Jacobite rebellion are in the plot, as Captain Catchem (distant relative of today' DI) investigates the murder of a friend of The King.

In 1840 a Peeler, an early policeman, comes to Midshire from London as the successful experiment of an organised police force starts to spread around the country.

The first two Warbrook Mysteries are costume dramas and attendees are encourages to dress up and join the occasion. They have been very well received and the historical backdrop has added greatly to the experience.

You do not need to see them all in order, although some of our regulars have been to all of them.

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