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Brighton Murder Mystery

We can provide a Murder Mystery over lunch or dinner and recommend venues in Brighton to suit the plot you choose and your budget. We also have an Out & About format which is a popular afternoon team building choice. Instead of running over a meal this is a chase around the city as teams track down suspects in pubs, on the pier or in the train station. We then finish at a bar where you can order food if you want to.

Brighton Venue Suggestions

The Grand on King's Road is ideal for more traditional plots. Our Reading of The Will can be contemporary or set in the 1920s for that Agatha Christie of Downton Abbey feel and this is the perfect venue. Our Clue D'Oh plot would also work well here.

MyHotels My Brighton is much more modern and funky and it would be ideal for Little House of Horrors or even our James Bond theme. Although Brighton is not a renowned 007 film location there was a stunt scene from The Living Daylights that was filmed at nearby Beachy Head.

Joiner Murder Mystery Parties

If you have a small group or if your interest is not in a corporate event we do occasionally run joiner parties where you can book individual places or tables of 10 with others. We will be organising one of these events in Brighton soon and the best way to find out when is to follow us on Facebook or Twitter (there are links at the bottom of the page). If you have a group of more than 10 then do let us know as we often 'kick off' a joiner party with such groups.

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