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Clue D'Oh is our tribute to the legendary board game Cluedo. You are all guests of Dr Black, a famed scientist, in his country house. Other guests include his niece Rayne Bowe, the dashing Captain Brown, Reverend Green and the mysterious Ruby Scarlett. Sherrie White, Dr Black's loyal cook and housekeeper, is bustling around making sure that everyone is looked after.

Murder Most Foul!

Suddenly the peace is shattered by the arrival of DI Willie Catchem. Dr Black's body has been discovered in nearby woodland. At first glance it appears to be a suicide, by DI Catchem's finely honed instinct soon rules this out and the case turns into a murder enquiry. Clues are found and we soon find ourselves delving into the murky back stories of some of these characters. All have a motive, all have a method and one of them is a murderer!

Clue D'Oh can be performed in contemporary style or in the 1920s or 1940s, giving you a chance to dress up for some of the most elegant times for England's country houses. We can also add a CSI element with finger printing, substance analysis, footprints and tyre tracks to give guests a fascinating extra set of challenges.

Our Reading of The Will is similar to this event and has a smaller cast.

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