Little House of horrors

Little House of Horrors

A Film Launch and a Murder

Tonight is party night. You are all invited to the hotel to celebrate the success of Rod Ducer's latest blockbusting movie, Little House of Horrors.

The guest list includes Rod's wife, Tricia Trove. Will she make one of her usual scenes? Will she be an embarrassment to all and sundry? Rod certainly thinks so and is making plans to get rid of her, once and for all.

Also on the guest list is Mr. Herbie Ravioli. Mr Ravioli is the financial backer for Rod's new movie, Little House of Horrors II, and being an Italian he is rumoured to have 'family connections'.

Dick Shinnery appears uninvited at the party. He is a script writer who was involved in the original film but now has issues with Rod regarding changes made to the script of Little House of Horrors.

You will also meet Vicky Vicious, an up coming young starlet. Rod found her in the gutter and takes great pride in telling all who will listen how he made her career and can ruin her if so desired.

So now the drinks are flowing, everyone seems to be in the party mood, all but one that is. As Rod Ducer is making his welcome speech a death occurs! The police are called in to investigate and hopefully with your help the crime can be solved and the murderer apprehended.

Our next script is The Reading Of The Will, a traditional murder mystery format but just as much fun.


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