Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Themed murder mystery

Sherlock Holmes is a very popular theme and we have several scripts available. An actor takes on the role in either a traditional or contemporary style - you can choose.

Country house hotels are suitable for this theme and there are a variety of venues in London including a Masonic Temple which can be hired for dinners. Such a theme demands a dramatic setting.

Guests can dress in contemporary costumes and we can include parts for anyone who wants to join in, ranging from small readings to full scale character parts (two hours rehersal on the afternoon of the event is required). However, none of this is essential and our actors can carry the whole show on their own.

The script features Holmes, Watson, Lady Baskerville, Irene Adler and DI Catchem, London's finest detective (in his opinion). A body has been discovered in the grounds of the venue and there are various clues dotted around the body and surrounding location.

One of the characters is the murderer, but there is even more of a shock in store ... for the murderer has been sent by Moriarty himself with instructions to finish off his arch enemy, Holmes. This evening features more twists and turns than a very twisty turning thing.

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