Our current thrilling scripts

The Reading of the Will

Sparks fly at the reading of Lord Crump's will. A gambling heir in debt, an alcoholic spouse and a dodgy uncle fuel murderous events. A shock inheritance is followed by murder in the explosive opening scene

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Little House of Horrors

Rod Ducer's latest movie blockbuster hits the town and it's party time. All does not run smoothly though, as Italian backer Herbie Ravioli comes to blows with script writer Dick Shinnery, aging actress Trisha Trove comes to blows with starlet Vicki Vicious ... then all hell breaks loose and that's just the first ten minutes!

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007 Awards

Spies gather in a top secret location for the prestigious 'Spy of the Year' award ceremony. Many spies are vying for this award, but will things get out of hand? ... of course they will!

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Who Killed Father Christmas?

A special Christmas murder mystery adventure! What could possibly go wrong at the Camberwick Toys annual Christmas party? Power struggles, jealousy and greed.. That's what.

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Nirvana Holidays

A double room booking, an unhappy customer and a group of opinionated holiday company reps bring mayhem to your evening. This volatile combination builds tension as an unexpected death occurs...

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Previous scripts

This is our script graveyard containing our former shows. If any of them really suit your event or theme do ask because we may be able to dust them off and bring them back to life for you. Our current scripts are those that our team of actors have most experience of at this time, but we will be happy to talk about the pros and cons of any show.

Tempis Fugit

"Time Flies". Crisp and Son watchmakers are in town for their AGM, but events soon take a turn for the worse. A love triangle, a family feud and money all play their part in a horrendous turn of events that ends in murder.

Discovering Jack

Travel back in time to the brutal and terrifying domain of Jack The Ripper. Can you solve this 100 year old mystery and come up with a photofit of the Ripper himself?


U.R.Stewing has woken up from his coma after being gunned down. Motives for murder are rife, especially in the oil rich world of the tycoons of Dallasty.

A Medieval Mystery

A banquet for the King's return should surely be a joyous and noble occasion. However, disaster strikes as a murder occurs within the castle walls. Can brother Cannotfael solve this crime with your help?

Lucky Balls

Bill "Lucky" Balls has hit the jackpot of £2.6 million, and a massive party has been organised. Do some of the guests see this as an opportunity to get their hands on his new found wealth? Of course they do.

Midortum Murders

Midortum village is the setting for this complex puzzle. A complex tale involving a travelling magician, a suspecious Morris Dancer and a jealous chef.

Pride and Sensibility

Travel back to the year of 1855 for this extravagant murder mystery adventure. Captain William Pitts's return from the Crimean War is the catalyst to a spectacular turn of events ... and murder!

The Vicar's Teaparty

The sleepy village of Little Sodbury is the setting for Reverend Ivor Flock's teaparty. Surely nothing could go wrong here? Wrong, tempers hit boiling point over church funds and local feuds burst forth.

Go Mad in the Country

Shades of Enid Blyton give this Murder Mystery a difference. This event combines murder with treasure hunt as guests have to venture out to find clues. Does Dick or Fanny catch your eye? Can you track down the killer of Uncle Quentin in time?

Who Wants to be a Murderer?

It's the annual prize of "Gamer of the Year" for the conundrum club. Several of the country's most brilliant puzzle solving minds have gathered, but before long, one of them is one down six across M blank R blank etc. Finding the killer is now the greatest puzzle of all.

School Reunion - Class of '75

Ex headmaster Cain Hard has gathered a number of his ex pupils for a reunion. However, tempers are raised as Mr Hard reveals that he is releasing a book in which a number of them feature. What will be the response?

The Dating Game

Dating company Excelsior Cybersuitor Introductions holds a party for all the successful lovers it has brought together. But, of course this mixture of lust and alcohol soon brings the end for one of the party.


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