All murder mystery scripts have five actors unless a larger production has been specified:

The Reading of The Will

This is in many ways the classic murder mystery. Five characters have gathered to hear the will of recently deceased business magnate Lord Quentin Krump. Each believes that he or she is the principal beneficiary and each can justify their cause, but when the shocking will is read followed by a gruesome murder, the true extent of the scandals and the extraordinary relationships between the characters are revealed!

Tempus Fugit

Time stands still for no man.This has never been more true than behind the aged oak doors of 200 year old clock manufacturer K.P. Crisp & Sons. Crisp senior, the 10th generation of clock maker believes that he has passed on his skill and love of clock making to his sons Derek and Dennis. The truth is that he does not know what makes his sons tick and Derek plans to sell the family firm to cover gambling debts. The giant Sclock corporation, champion of the cheap and cheerful timepiece, is interested in the firm. This melting point of intrigue could be best described as a TIMEBOMB!

Little House of Horrors

This is our Halloween production but could work at any time of year as it is great fun. Guests attend the launch of a major new Horror Film, which is set to be the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Famous members of the cast gather for the launch along with the film's director and writer, but the lines between the plot and real life become increasingly blurred when one of the film's cast dies in mysterious circumstances.

Nirvana Holidays

Our experience of this plot is that it is one of our rowdiest and suitable for groups who want to become very involved. The plot revolves around a timeshare company who have double booked your room, and the shady financial dealings and love tangles in that corrupt organisation.

The Vicar's Tea Party

A small village setting as the Rev Ivor Flock meets with the church roof fund committee. The local Estate Agent, Seymour Deals has been acting as treasurer and the committee is about to find out that funds have disappeared. This shocking revelation will prove to be just the tip of the iceberg, however!


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